Time to Rethink Employee Retention

The job market today?


It’s tough, no doubt. So what’s happening out there? 


      A. Companies passively accept the challenge and complain about it.

     B. Embrace the challenge and actively invest in your human capital. 

Boosting employee retention: 4 tips that work!

1. Assess your onboarding process beyond day one

You already have an onboarding process? Fantastic! But don’t stop there. Bring in an expert to give it a thorough examination. And while you’re at it, seek input from your new hires on how to take it up a notch. Remember, onboarding isn’t just a one-day affair; it’s a continuous journey throughout an Employee’s onboarding Life Cycle (we are telling you more about this in our other post).


2. Cultivate a feedback-friendly environment

Open feedback – it’s the big league, but let’s face it, it’s a bumpy road for many companies. No feedback culture means hello frustration and goodbye engagement. The trick?
The key is to train senior and middle management to become feedback champions who lead by example. When you do this, you send a clear message to everyone that feedback isn’t just welcomed – it’s the catalyst for positive change.


3. Feedback: Listen, Act, Repeat

Opened up the floodgates of feedback? Great start! Now, here’s the critical part: make it count. Let your team know you’re really listening. When you act on what they say, you’re not just growing; you’re building trust. And that’s what keeps people around.


4. Nurture Personal Development Emotional awareness is undeniably the secret sauce. By actively encouraging employees to understand and manage their emotions, you’re setting the stage for enhanced well-being and a remarkably positive work atmosphere. And guess what? Happy teams stick around.   That’s your key to keeping those retention rates sky-high.


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Some companies are complaining about the tough job market instead of investing in their people, which isn’t helping anyone.

Onboarding processes often stop after day one, and lacking a feedback culture leads to frustration. Managers need to set the tone by embracing feedback. 

Revamp onboarding to be continious, foster a feedback-friendly environment, act on feedback received, and prioritize personal development for happier, long-lasting teams. 

Let’s – walk the -talk…

Layla El Mourabit

Founder & Managing Partner, Certified leadership Coach, Master in Body Language, Transformation Facilitator, Headhunter