How about the « Mental » Health of Your Organization? A Blueprint for Sustainable Success

In the dynamic realm of today’s business landscape, safeguarding the mental health of our organizations is more crucial than ever. As the founder of Watson & Associates, I am delighted to share insights into our commitment to championing emotional awareness within organizations, an integral facet of sustainable and socially responsible business practices. In this blog, we delve into the compelling insights I wish to emphasize, shedding light on the heightened focus required on the ‘people’ aspect within the triple-P approach. 

The Triple-P Approach

Today, social responsibility surpasses mere profit-making. The triple-P approach, encompassing economic growth, ecological responsibility, and social respect, forms the foundation of conscious business practises. I underscore the need for organizations to transcend traditional measures, such as reducing ecological footprints, and to place increased emphasis on the third ‘P’ – ‘people’. As organizations evolve, so should their commitment to fostering mentally healthy work environments. 

« Sustainability also involves providing your employees with an environment that safeguards their mental health. »
The Role of emotional Awareness (EQ)

Watson & Associates urges leaders to acknowledge their direct impact on sustainable and socially responsible business practices. I emphasize the significance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and its often underappreciated role. The call is clear: leaders must introspect, develop emotional awareness, and inspire their teams to do the same. The result? A workforce better equipped to navigate the challenges of tomorrow. 

Educating Leaders for Positive Impact

The key to socially responsible business lies in educating leaders about the consequences of their actions, according to my perspective. The goal is concrete – to create awareness and facilitate personal growth, ensuring a positive impact on others. This, I assert, is an essential aspect of socially responsible business that contributes not only to individual growth but also to the overall well-being of the economy. 

Connecting Emotional Intelligence to Strategic Success

I highlight the strategic importance of emotional intelligence, especially during times of change. While companies invest significantly in designing strategies, there is often a lack of attention to guiding their implementation. Real succes, in my view, comes when business leaders connect emotionally with their teams, considering individual motivations. Organizations that incorporate emotional intelligence into their strategies are positioned to lead in the dynamic business landscape. 

Services Structured for Growth

To demystify the concept of emotional awareness, Watson & Associates has structured its services to provide practical insights and foster personal and professional growth. In an era where the ‘war for talent’ is fiercer than ever, organizations that prioritize employee satisfaction and growth in a socially responsible manner create a positive ripple effect. 

« Leaders who thrive as individuals inspire greatness in their teams. »

In the pursuit of sustainable success, organizations must recognize the profound impact of emotional awareness on their bottom line and strategic achievements. My vision for socially responsible business practices serves as a blueprint for organizations aiming to not only attract and retain talent but also make a positive impact on their communities and the global economy. As we navigate the complex challenges of the modern business world, thriving as individuals will enable us to inspire as leaders and, in turn, lead our organizations towards a brighter future. 


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Mental health often takes a backseat amidst profit-driven priorities in organizations.

There is an insufficient emphasis on emotional awareness and an inadequate integration of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) hinder progress. 

Leaders must lead by example, fostering an environment valuing emotional awareness. Connecting emotionally with teams and incorporating EQ into strategies positions organizations to lead.

Let’s – walk the – talk…

Layla El Mourabit

Founder & Managing partner, Certified leadership Coach, Master in Body Language, Transformation Facilitator, Headhunter