Boost your EQ for HR Professionals

Become a great HR Professional.

An HR professional is faced with some of the most emotionally charged moments in an employee’s working life: onboardings, promotion, evaluation, training, personal or professional setbacks, exits etc…

Our highly interactive workshop merges theory and practice and will provide you with your own EQ toolkit and tailored strategy for your professional challenges.

Also available in-house

Participant profile

Participants can be from various professional backgrounds and seniority-levels, but they all are HR professionals sharing the same need: managing human capital in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

« More insights, moments of self-reflection, more understanding of other people’s behaviour.  »
“A greater awareness of my own leadership style.”
“An incredible eye-opener.”

Practical details

Upcoming dates:
September 13 -14-15 (Brussels – in English)

Duration: 3-day live program.

Languages: English, Dutch or French

Venue: at Watson’s learning Hub

This is an open program.
This program requires minimum 4 participants.
We want to challenge you to make adding value a priority for yourself and your organization. 

Let’s walk this journey together!

Additional information:

If you would like to organize an in-house training, know that our trainings
can be arranged for a variety of formats to suit your specific needs, such as:

You can benefit from the KMO-Portefeuille for this Learning Journey

More about this training experience

During our 3-day program, we start with identifying individual areas of strength and opportunities for growth. After which we provide participants the framework to develop behavioral insights, tactics, and strategies to better manage human capital. The objective of this workshop is to guide participants in enhancing their own EQ toolkit.

We focus the whole training on specific HR related professional situations so you can enjoy learning with other HR passionates…

Examples of core competencies you will continue to develop

Boost your EQ and inspire others to avoid…

How you benefit

You will :

Let’s walk the talk.

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