Body Language Master

Impactful non-verbal communication - the next level.

After completing the Body Language Practitioner Training, rise to the next level by learning superior body language skills as well as soft skills that will level u your confidence.

Whether you want to develop a stronger reputation, convey authority in difficult situations or reach new levels of professionalism and effectiveness, this unique training is for you.

It is both enlightening and empowering with immediate application in improving outcomes.

Participant profile

Prerequisite for this training: the Body Language Practitioner training must be successfully completed prior to advancing to the next level i.e., the Body Language Master.

Participants can be from various professional backgrounds and seniority-levels, but they all share the same need: they wish to stand out and master the power of non-verbal communication.

« I gained a lot of insights due to this training. interesting content, top team! Thanks Layla. »
“Interactive workshop with new insights about my own nonverbal communication”
“Learning to present from your own strength.”

Practical details

Upcoming dates:

Duration: 2-day live program

Languages: English, Dutch or French

Venue: at Watson’s learning Hub

This is an open program.
This program requires minimum 4 participants.
We want to challenge you to make adding value a priority for yourself and your organization.

Let’s walk this journey together!

Additional information:

If you would like to organize an in-house training, know that our trainings
can be arranged for a variety of formats to suit your specific needs, such as:

You can benefit from the KMO-Portefeuille for this Learning Journey

More about this training experience

This training builds on the Practitioner training.

You will learn :

How to Speak

What to say or what to ask to assess the baseline of a person in the beginning of a conversation.

Learn to disarm the toughest poker face and what to say to people who are hiding something from you.

How to Sharpen Your Intuition

Knowing how to interpret accurately the non-verbal cues you see is just the start.

Learn how to check if your interpretations are correct and how to dig deeper, essentially steering the conversation to make accurate conclusions about the intentions of others.

How to Inspire

Which questions to ask to get a decisive advantage in negotiations. Learn the Aikido of conversational strategies.

Examples of core competencies you will gain

What indicates a lack of these competencies ?

How you benefit

You will be able:

After completing the exam at the end of the course, you will receive a Body Language Master Certificate.

Ready for the next level?

Let’s walk the talk.

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